100 Year Warranty

EcoVessel warranties its products against manufacturing defects for 100 Years!

We do have some exceptions that are not covered under warranty: scratches, dents, peeling or chipping paint; damage caused by falls or drops; using a dishwasher or putting in a freezer; ordinary wear and tear to straps, seals, and lids. You must have proof of purchase such as a receipt or invoice.
If there is a defect or damage and it can't be determined if the cause is a manufacturing defect, we are happy to give the customer the benefit of the doubt but will need to charge a shipping fee. Issues such as loss of insulation in bottles over one year will be determined on a case by case basis, if we decide to replace your bottle, we will charge the customer the shipping cost of the new product. In the case of a clear manufacturing defect, EcoVessel will pay for the shipping.
If you think you have a warranty issue, please email our our customer support team at info@ecovessel.com.au
We want this as hassle free as possible, so please attach digital photos and save the trouble of returning the item to us. Normally, you'll hear from us within 2 business days. If the issue was caused by a manufacturing defect and you have a copy of your receipt, we will promptly send a replacement. If the identical product is no longer available, we will send the most similar item possible, with a value equal to the amount you paid.